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  • Multipurpose water-based primer. Industrial sealant caracteríaticas exceptional high performance, water base ensures adherence and inhibits stains. It combines the advantages of quick drying with exceptional adhesion and power to remove stains. This primer is applicable to ...

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  • Primer bridge adherent textured yellowish used to promote anchoring mortar or plaster indoors, outdoors, walls and ceilings when applied on non-absorbent and extremely smooth surfaces. It is used as a bridge applied to all prior to the application of waterproofing tiles acrylic primer. good anchorage on smooth surfaces Etc.

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  • E.S.P. It is a product of easy application that prepares the surface without sanding. Fast and easy to use, E.S.P. leaves a thin film that promotes strong adhesion of paint to any non-porous surface. E.S.P. It is a clean, effective and easy way to prepare any

    21,00 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items